What are they doing in there?

- the first manifestation of an ongoing project about women in prison, criminal justice, politics and campaigning for penal reform

Exhibition at +44 141 Gallery, Studio Warehouse*, Glasgow, 6 - 14 June 09

The exhibition features the Human Sculpture made up of women’s clothes, donated by friends from around the world, other art works by Eva Merz, an archive of books, reports and statistics and a variety of films, including newly released Gangster Girls, a documentary from a women’s prison in Austria.

Preview night: Friday 5 June, 6 - 9 pm + Party with music by Q-Burns Abstract Message from Orlando, Florida

Public Debate: Thursday 11 June, 6 - 8 pm How to reduce the numbers of women in prison? with speakers: Baroness Vivien Stern, a life-long penal reformer, Henry McLeish, former First Minister and chair of independent commission on a report about Scotland’s prisons and Ian Gunn, former Governor of Cornton Vale, Scotland’s only women’s prison.

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